4 thoughts on “Ai Yan Chen “The Giving Tree”

  1. First and foremost Ai Yan, I love the book choice! I wish you could’ve showed us some pictures of the book so we could read along but overall very well spoken and presented!! Now reading this book as a kid, I did not fully understand it. I recently read it to my 6 year old cousin and I realized the lesson that was being taught within the story. As children, we typically do not know how to give back and/or appreciate things that are given to us. However as we get older and we mature, we realize that everything that our parents, teachers and caretakers gave us was out of their own heart just so we can be happy. As adults we can see that giving back is always an act of saying thank you.

  2. Hello Ai Yan!
    Great thoughts and great presentation. What you say is true we have to have a balance in our lives. Not all is give me, give me, we have to give some think back. Give is better that receive it. Switching the topic, I agree with Sumaya, I also wished to see some book’s illustrations while you was reading the book.

  3. I really liked that you chose to read a small section (although I wish it had been a tiny bit longer) and didn’t mind at all that you didn’t show us the images as it put the focus on you as a storyteller. I liked that you really focus in on the character of the tree and I thought you did well creating a voice and starting to think about the physical tree. Try to be a bit more cognizant of the camera as you read as well as when you talk to us. Even if you are reading from something to the side, still think about looking toward the camera as the audience at times. I also recommend seeing if you can change the position of the phone to horizontal to film to help this.
    What you shared with us about your interpretation of the story at the end was very important. There’s been a lot of discussion about this book in recent years and what message it gives. The argument is that the book may encourage people not to have boundaries in what they give to others. I think that here you’ve honed in on the way the book isn’t meant to glorify continually giving but to indicate that one should give back and not abuse that which is given.

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