New and Retold Fairy Tales for Younger Kids

Here, author Robert Munsch of The Paperbag Princess performs his story. (optional)

Lastly, Demi’s The Empty Pot

What do you think of these stories for today’s children?

11 thoughts on “New and Retold Fairy Tales for Younger Kids

  1. The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters is one of my daughter’s favorite picture books. This book enables my daughter to participate actively in the reading of the story by opening the envelopes. This is a great story that helps children to explore rhyme and a variation of writing styles.

  2. The jolly postman was one of my favorite love the way it follows what happened in the fairy tale ended like the letter to cinderella wishing her well after she married the prince children sometimes have questions after the happy ever after. Also, princess Elisabeth who decided that is Ronald doesn’t accept her the way she is there is no need for her to marry him I found those stories to be very modern for today’s kids.

  3. The first story “the jolly postman” was great because they were about what happened after the happily ever after which is the question everyone asks after reading fairytales, the second book was my favorite. It was a very feminist look at a common fairytale. Instead of the prince saving the princess, it’s the opposite because the princess wants her lovely lifestyle back again. She was clever, didn’t care about what she looked like and was very independent going up against a big and fierce dragon like that

  4. I had never heard any of these stories before, and they were a treat to hear! I loved how the Jolly postman connects so many familiar tales and links them to a familiar charterer from everyone’s neighborhood, the mail carrier. The Paper Bag Princess was a very clever tale, and I appreciated how the princess dumped the prince at the end (she can def do better).

  5. I love all the stories specially ” The Empty Pot” it carries strong message of true.
    Also The Paper Bag Princes have a great ending that represents a modern version of nowadays relationships.

  6. After reading these stories, I find they are rather meaningful for children of this century despite being written long ago. My reasons are as follows: Firstly, these stories are composed and designed in an unexpected way. Compared to today’s stories, I find that the elements used in these stories are rather simple, while the ending can always bring people a sense of surprise. Secondly, the reason why I hold the view that these stories are still valuable and meaningful for children of today’s world is that the moral ideas conveyed in these stories really help in constructing a sound, healthy and complete psychological state for kids.

  7. After hearing these stories I can tell that there is much more meaning and depiction in children’s literature than just the main ideas and details children are being taught. The story of “The Empty Pot” has a meaningful idea which is how much “truth” there is. It uses a lot of tradition and culture and it is through that which it tries to reveal a significant message. Children’s literature has a very meaningful idea that not many of us might know until we actually sit down and read these stories as adults that we are now.

  8. Personally, I’ve never heard these fairytales before but the stories for today’s children definitely are beneficial as even though they may be old. they still teach valuable lessons that are evident.

    1. It was my first time listening to these stories, by far The Jolly Postman and The Empty pot were my favorite ones. I love how each of them have their own individual meanings and I’m glad the princess left the prince in The Paper Bag Princess by calling him a Bum, it was hilarious.

  9. These stories are wonderful in my opinion, the story of the empty pot especially because it reminds of Ferdinand. These parallel storylines where male characters are allowed to be sweet and connect with their tender sides a is always a wonderful component to put in these stories.

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