Modern Variations for Kids and Teens

The first variation is “Little Polly Riding Hood” from Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf, written by British author Catherine Storr and published in 1955. You will need to create a free archive.org account and borrow the book to read this story:

Chapter 4 – pages 16-25 – https://archive.org/details/cleverpollystupi0000stor_o0y0/page/26/mode/2up

In 1982, Roald Dahl published Revolting Rhymes which features versions of several well-known fairy tales. Here is a film project that uses the text:

A Recent Picture Book:

Lastly, this is a young-adult story from writer Francesca Lia Block from a collection of retellings. See how she departs from the story but keeps elements to show you the Little Red Riding Hood inspiration.

You will need to use your archive.org account:

“Wolf” from The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold pages 100-126 (the print is big!) https://archive.org/details/rosebeast00fran/page/100/mode/2up

What did you think of these variations? (optional comment)

4 thoughts on “Modern Variations for Kids and Teens

  1. I really enjoyed the way Poly Riding Hood and the Roald Dahl telling were meta and how the characters even seemed to know what story they were in. The final story was hard to read but stayed true to the original in that it shows some of the brutal realities of the world.

  2. I enjoy these versions, especially the first one because Little Red Riding Hood face her fears and make the best out of what she has.
    The second was an interesting version since the story is narrated from the Wolf’s point of view.

  3. The second version was very interesting because it was from the point of view of the wolf which you don’t often see. Since the wolf plays a big part of “Little Red Riding Hood” it was cool to see his side. As for the first version, it was kinda scary. Definitely not made for the younger audience

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