Performing and Filming Little Red Riding Hood

In the Tchaikovsky ballet Sleeping Beauty, there is a scene that features many fairy tale characters, including Little Red Riding Hood. Watch this brief moment and see how the story is told without words through dance.

This next piece is “Little Fred Riding Hood” a Fractured Fairy Tale segment that was featured on the television series Rocky and Bullwinkle during the 1960s.

These next two clips (in a playlist) are from the original Broadway production of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s Into the Woods, a musical that features several fairy tales coming together. Over the course of the first act, the fairy tales play out and reach their ‘happily ever afters’. In the second act of the musical, these endings get reconsidered. Here are Danielle Ferland and Raoul Westernberg in the two musical numbers that tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The rest of the action takes place offstage.

Original Broadway Production

At this stage what do you think is necessary for a story to be identifiable as “Little Red Riding Hood”? Please comment.

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  1. the three video are very different from the original “Little Red Riding Hood” story. Little Fred Riding Hood is similar in a way but very different at the ending part. on his way to visit her grandmother Little Red Riding-Hood found the wolf . Little Fred were going to visits granny when he found the two witches in the forest .at the end of the story Little Fred got to granny house and when he starts singing gold coin come out of his mouth. Little Red Riding Hood story at the end She escapes from the wolf.

  2. In “Little Fred Riding Hood” is different compared to “Little Red Hood” as the main charter in the original id based around a little girl but in the animation it is a man who spits out gold coins instead.

  3. For a story to be identifiable as “Little Red Riding Hood,” it needs to have the main three characters. The young girl(Little Red Riding Hood), a big bad wolf, and the grandmother. The primary location should be the forest. Despite the different ending each version presents, the main message remains the same: you never trust strangers people.

  4. A little red riding hood story has at least 4 characters, 9 plot beats, and a motivation for why the trip was embarked on in the first place. The characters are little red riding hood themself, a parental figure who sends off little red riding hood, a beast/antagonist who attempts to trick and/or eat little red riding hood, and the grandmother/person whose home is the end destination for little red riding hood. The plot beats in order are: little red riding hood setting off on their journey, they meet the antagonist along the way, little red riding hood continues along on their journey towards their destination after interacting with the antagonist, the antagonist schemes, the antagonist sets their plan in motion, little red riding hood gets to grandma’s house, little red riding hood interacts with the antagonist again, and then there is a resolution.

  5. I love watching ballet dancers dance and the music really put the story all together, although the clip was small it certainly told the story the only portions that were missing was the grandma part, I assume it’s a play that one of the characters within the play were watching and it was shown as entertainment. I thought the cartoon version was great and probably my favorite of the three, it was 100% different than all the other ones that we read and listened too. Quite funny

  6. The story Red Riding hood is identified by the three main characters the girl, the wolf, and the grandma. No matter how different the ending there always will be these 3 characters and they all have somewhat the same role.

  7. I think for a story to be identifiable as “Little Red Riding Hood” the characters need to be the same. We have Red, the wolf, and the grandma. In the versions I have heard of and seen, red was always a girl so it was interesting to see a male character portray it. Also usually, the basic premise of the story is the same. The grandmother and Red are in need of some sort of saving whereas the wolf is the bad guy in the story.

  8. For the story to be identifiable as little red riding hood I think the main characters (granny, Little red and the wolf) need to be present and made noticeable. Depending on the variation of course. I feel like it’s not the same when a male counterpart is playing the roll of little red or granny because we always have seen or portrayed those characters to be female and played by a female.

  9. The story that stick out to my is the one on the second video since when we talk about lithe Red Riding Hood. I always think as a girl and hearing the story with a male figure was like listening a different story.

  10. For the story to be identified as a “Little red riding hood”, There has to be a red hiding hood (usually a young female character), a grandmother, and a wolf (beast). In terms of a plot, The wolf is primarily the villain of the story, and Red riding hood and grandma try to run away.

  11. The little Red Riding Hood is identifiable based on factors such as, the characters: little Red Riding Hood, the grandma, and the wolf. Different variations may have different tweaks and different details, however, the overall message of this story should be the same. The fairy tale must have the moral of not trusting strangers.

  12. For a story to be “little red riding good” it needs to include 3 main characters which is a little girl, a wolf and a grandmother along with the same or similar story line. Of course different versions may switch things up for a bit. For example instead of a girl, little red can be a boy and the wolf can be another big scary animal and the grandma can be changed into a grandfather

  13. For a story to be identified as ”little red riding hood” three main characters should be present, the little girl/boy, the grandmother & the creature/villain in the story. The red cloak or cap or even jacket definitely has to be a factor. It was present within all the versions and gives us a clear picture in our head that associate with the story regardless of the actions occurring within. Lastly, I feel like the theme “stranger danger” or “listen to your mother” or “always follow the right path” should be present. Themes can be changed and new ones can be added, but it all will come back to the main ones in order to be recognized as the same story.

  14. In my opinion for the story to be considered Little Red Riding Hood there must be the three important characters which are obviously Little Red Riding Hood, the grandmother, and the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood should also be wearing a red hooded cape. The storyline of the story must stay the same with the same message of not talking to strangers. The story Little Fred Riding Hood was very interesting and different because it did have the same message but it didn’t include the wolf, but instead two witches that put spells on him.

  15. From what we all know and have read throughout our lives the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood has always been told through the little red cap (a female), the wolf, and the grandmother. It feels weird hearing another gender taking the role of Little Red Riding Hood. The story feels odd to me of Little Fred Riding Hood as the message was the same but It didn’t include the character of the wolf but rather witches which put evil to him.

  16. After seeing all the versions it is very easy to be creative with the way you portray your characters. The overall true necessities are The Little red riding hood and her destination. Grandma is a character who is important but depending of how to author chooses to write the end the story, you might not even end up seeing the granny. The these overall should be the same when creating a version of this story, “danger”, “persistence”, “fear’, and so on and so forth.

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