6 thoughts on “Pete the Kitty and the Case of the Hiccups-Nayely tineo

  1. Hi Nayely, I liked the way you would change the sound of your voice and emphasize certain words like ‘hiccup’. I think that it really fit the context of the story, because the high pitched voice every time that word was read, helps show the frustration the main character has with his hiccups.

  2. I loved what you shared with us in the introduction about why you related to the book. Vocally you do well with the rhythm of the text. Do watch “foot” vs. “feet” and the text in a couple of other places- particularly if we are seeing the text as you read, you want to reflect it. You framed the images well with your phone, but I would have really liked to see you tell this story more and not just show us the book. I can tell you are really engaged with the story and the reading based on how you are repeating the “hiccup” and using your voice – let us see it too! It may be less comfortable, but when we read aloud we are using our whole selves to interpret the text.

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