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The Scottish writer, J.M. Barrie, created the character of Peter Pan and the story of Peter and Wendy Darling. Though the character of Peter Pan first appeared in chapters from The Little White Bird (1902) and subsequently published as “Peter Pan in Kensington Garden”(1906) it was in Barrie’s 1904 play Peter Pan, Or the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up that the character and story fully took place.

The play premiered in London and was such a big hit, that a year later it opened in New York as well.

Barrie continually tinkered with the text of the play, the character of Peter and the overall story over the years, subsequently publishing the novel version of Peter and Wendy, now generally just known as Peter Pan, in 1911.

The script of the play was eventually published in 1928.

In this module, we will be looking at the original Barrie text of the play and novel and will explore various interpretations of this story and character and consider how this story, like Alice in Wonderland, became a staple of children’s literature and popular culture.

Where did you first encounter Peter Pan? What do you remember about the story? Comment below!

7 thoughts on “Peter Pan

  1. The first time that I saw the peter pan the movie by Robin williams, I was in middle school. Peter begins intense coaching with the Lost Boys trying to get himself into shape,fight with Rufio.he has a lot of trouble trying to fly because he can’t find his happy thoughts.

  2. The first time I encountered Peter Pan was in a children’s show when I was five. Peter Pan, a free-spirited and playful young boy who refuses to grow up. Peter Pan lives in the land of Neverland as the leader of the “lost boys” – children who were lost to their parents. They are fighting against pirates and Indians. From time to time, he visits the world outside Neverland and listens to children’s stories that their mothers read before bedtime.

  3. I first encountered Peter Pan when I watched the Disney movie. I remember watching it with my sisters . I also remember being intrigued by tinkerbell in the movie as she was my favorite character. In the movie, Peter Pan visits Wendy and her brothers and takes them to Neverland. When I recently re watched the movie, I noticed the very subtle details about jealousy between tinkerbell and wendy which I missed as a child.

  4. The first time I saw Peter Pan was on the TV. It was not a movie, it was a series of many chapters that me and y sibling use to seat together and watch Peter Pan’s adventures. My favorite character was Tinker Bell. Although I never understood why Peter Pan’s shadows always want to run away, I enjoyed the cartons series. Peter Pan brings me happy memories of my childhood.

  5. The first time I heard Peter Pan was on the radio back home it was not a movie it was a series where every time I used to hear it, Peter Pan, Twinkle Bell, and Wendy were living a different adventure. I remember that Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up he wanted to live forever in this magical place called Neverland I used to enjoy all his adventures that I myself didn’t want to grow up either just thinking about those years made me very joyful.

  6. The first time I saw peter pan and learned about him was through the Disney movie “peter pan” I used to love that movie when I was younger, the adventure that peter pan took Wendy and her two brothers on. My favorite character was tinker bell and I adored her attitude.

  7. I am a girl of Chinese origin and I firstly encounter Peter Pan on a Chinese Children TV program on which the hostess introduces the characters and the main plots of this fairy tale. Until now, the vague memory of this programs are still existing in my mind and it does accompany me through a sweet childhood. Peter Pan is a fantasy fairy tale. It is an illusion created by the author. Peter Pan can fly and never grow up. The magical scenes contrived by the author really attract me as well as meet my imaginary need as a kid.

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