Peter over Time

The Paradise of Peter Pan, print of painting by Edward Mason Eggleston, 1934. Published as a calendar print by the Thomas D. Murphy company of Red Oak, Iowa

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Response: What did you learn or what questions do you have based on the materials you looked at? Have your thoughts about the Peter Pan story changed?

17 thoughts on “Peter over Time

  1. I really enjoy doing those question,I didn’t know peter pan was a women before and the first person to play peter pan was Nina Boucicault I thought it was Robin williams.J.M was inspired to write the play was the death of his elder brother

    1. Right! This surprised me the most that Peter Pan was a woman before. I knew that Robin Williams was not the first person to have written the play Peter Pan but neither did not know who it actually was. Intresting! We assume what we see most frequently but do not know the background history of those tales.

  2. I learned that the first Peter Pan was played by a woman that was surprising to me and that what inspired him to write the play was the death of his older brother which leave to think about why he wrote it. Was it because he thought of him as being in this magic place like Neverland?

  3. I knew there was something sexual happening between Wendy and peter and I just assumed it’s because a man wrote it and peter is a boy who doesn’t really see girls often so it’s fairly normal to be curious. I didn’t realize that peter pan has sexual tension between hook or Wendy’s mother which is very disturbing since he is a child and those are adults and it seems that peter pan has sexual-based relationships with everyone

  4. Through the practice of the quiz, I have acquired more knowledge and information about Peter Pan and I have found that it is more than just a fairy tale. The writing of it does relate to the author’s real life and shows some of his inner heart’s attitude and feelings. Never have I imagined that Peter Pan was acted by a woman at first since the image of that boy is embedded deeply in my heart. Also, before this week, I am only able to superficially take this story as a carefree adventure as well as telling us the theme of never growing up. However, it is also relates to motherhood, death and in this respect, it can be viewed as a kind of literature and worthy being discussed.

  5. The most fascinating part of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie is that Barrie based his protagonist on his brother in real life. His brother, David, died before he reached the age of fourteen. Because of this tragic accident, Barrie always thought of David as a boy, realizing that when someone dies so young they never grow past that age in our minds. When doing a close-reading of Peter Pan keeping this real tragedy in mind, never-never-land becomes something else and the title of the “Lost Boys” becomes something tragic rather than adventurous. Yes, the reader joins Peter on his adventures, but the plot and message of Peter Pan is that those who live, grow up, and so they forget. The forgetting is not on purpose, but rather that life continues, and those that have gone are left behind.

  6. It was such a surprise to me that Petter Pan was first played by a female because they couldn’t have a child be in the play due to child labor. Petter Pan was based on the story of the author’s life when he lost his brother as a young child. this isn’t just a random fairy tale, this is an extension of J.M. Barrie’s life.

  7. It was really interesting to learn about the history of Peter Pan and how it has been adapted throughout the years. I didn’t know that there were silent films of Peter Pan long before the Disney version was released. It was also interesting to learn that Peter Pan was played by a woman in some plays. The story behind Peter Pan is captivating because of the imagination and emotions behind it, which is why it is so popular even until now.

  8. The questions help me understand a bit more about the personality of Peter Pan. I’ve never seen him as cool hearted character, but I’m still in denial. I think he is immerse in his childhood world that the grown up issues are irrelevant for him. Plus his not mature enough to understand the adult’s world.

  9. I never knew that Peter Pan was played by a woman. That was an interesting take on the role. Answering the questions was very fun and informative. One thing that I never realized before this is that peter Pan was never afraid of death but that he thought of it as an adventure.

  10. Those questions were very fun to answer, I always love playing Kahoot! But the thing that shocked me the most was Peter was first played as a women which I never knew about and that there were sexual intentions between some characters which is a bit unsettling to think about since in the Disney film, they are all mainly children

  11. I had no idea, or had somehow blanked out of my memory, all the racist depictions of “noble savages” in both animated and stage productions of Peter Pan. This has most certainly changed my opinion on the story, and I would most likely not share this story with children in the future. I do think it is interesting as a text to analyze as an adult if it is given within the historical contexts of when it was written.

  12. I learned again the writers are so layered and their reference points really do effected the way they start versions and originals of the stories they wrote. I also found Peter being casted as a women in a very less female respected oriented time. It definitely added an interesting creative flare to it.

  13. the one thing that really surprised me and put me in shock was that peter pan was a woman. it’s like my whole childhood image of peter pan just flipped and how well it was played. i honestly couldn’t have guessed it

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