Wrapping Up Peter Pan


In what ways are Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland fairy tales?

In what ways aren’t they?

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  1. Alice and peter pan fit into this genre of fairy tales because they all have made up visionary characters such as fairys,witches.Alice transports into an incredible and fascinating world unlike any other. It has a twist on logic and messes with your mind, adults go back to their childhood of imagination and creativity.Alice gets to this crazy and unbalanced world she meets many strange animal.rabbit who always late , a Caterpiller smoking a hookah, a cat that comes and goes irregularly, the March Hare and a very tired dormouse that tends to fall asleep periodically. Peter Pan tell of a wonderful world where you never grow up.

  2. They are both fairy tales because they both talked about this magical place in Peter Pan is Neverland And in Alice is Wonderland which are these two places where all the magic happens . In Alice, she falls asleep and ends up in this wonderful place where she did not get bored anymore like when she was sitting by the bench. And Peter just refuses to grow up because life as a child has more magic and fantasy.

    1. Hi Maria,

      I was thinking the same thing, both stories take place in a magical land. Also, in the two stories, the concept of dreaming is present and takes the characters to a world of fantasy. However, at the end of Alice in the Wonder Land, we know that she was dreaming and that all the magical thing that happened to her was while she is dreaming. Therefore, I don’t think there is any magic involved in Alice in The Wonderland, because when we dream anything can happen, so, I don’t think is a fairy tale. Contracting Alice’s story with the story of Peter Pan, I do believe that this is a fairy tale because the story crosses the boundaries of dreams and time. Here the children can see Peter Pan when they are awake, they can see Thinker Bell, they can fly and travel to Neverland while they are awake. In this story, magic is involved.

  3. I think they both are about children having an insane amount of imagination to the point where magic becomes real or seems to become real and tangible. Both stories make things that people could only imagine into reality through a child’s mind. Eventually, both stories snap back into reality to show that fantasy can’t last forever like a sweet dream from which a person must awaken at some point.

  4. From where I stand, these two fairy tales are both full of imagination which cannot be realized in the real world. They all show that what cannot be gathered in the real life can be realized in the adventurous stories. In both of the fairy tales, there are characters who can fly or animal borrowed from the real world that can speak and possesses strange and magical abilities. Both stories ends with the coming back of the real world which may aim to tell us that the imagination can only be imagination. Beautiful and charming as it, it can not last forever and there still be life to face with.

  5. If we look at the definition of fairy tales, A fairy tale is a short story, a kind of folk tale that is deeply rooted in oral tradition. Folk tales are traditional tales that spread by word of mouth and become established in specific cultures. Therefore, fairy tales do not have a single author. Yet, Disney adapted the stories of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, which sometimes leads us to assume that these works are considered fairy tales. These stories were originally written in book form. They are not typically fairy tales because of their length as opposed to a fairy tale which is written as a short story. One might also mistake both Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland for fairy tales because both works include either other-worldly creatures or animals who are main characters. Fairy tales foster imagination and creativity among children. We might think of these stories as fairy tales because not only are they written for children, but they also allow us to become children as we read them. Most children grow up with these fantasy stories, in which children develop their imagination skills; their states of mind are wrapped up in the fairy tale magic and fictitious imagination of the narrative.

  6. I think that these two stories are fairytales because they are full of adventure and imagination, it feels like a child’s world. They both had crazy and weird things happening that can’t happen in the real world which is why I considered them a fairytale. children’s imagination is very wild so I think they gave us a glimpse of it. I never really realized how wild these fairytales were until I rewatched them as an adult. As children were so used to having such creative imaginations that we don’t really see these fairytales as out of the ordinary. As we slowly grow older we began to change our imagination and perspective on life. I think Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland were like dreams because anything is possible but in the end, they began to go back to reality just like when waking up from sleep.

  7. Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland are both fairy tales as they include a imaginary world that seems ideal and perfect from the start, while really deep down they are filled with ‘bad guys’ you can say and their are lessons learned throughtout. Obviously, as a child you may not understand the full ectent of how deep each story really goes, but to a child it seems magical and you might even wish you can experience these places. But, they arent fairytales as both stories when they were first written were not fairy tale length, as people see fairy tales as short stories. While, the pages in both Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan were more extensive.

  8. Peter Pan can be considered a fairytale because it has elements of magic and the concept of an evil and good character. There are mermaids, pirates, fairies so it can be a fairytale. Alice in wonderland can be considered a fairytale because it also shows fantasy and a magic realm. There is imagination and creativity in both these stories however, they are not fairytales because they are longer and weren’t really passed on orally.

  9. Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are fairytales because of the magic and different worlds they step into. In Peter Pan, they go to Neverland, a made-up island which contains mermaids, fairies, and other creatures, where you do not grow older. In Alice in wonderland, Alice falls into a rabbit hole to this imaginary place, where she constantly shifts in size and encounters strange creatures. In the ways they aren’t is because in both stories, they come back to the real world and face reality, where these kinds of things/worlds are only left for imagination.

  10. The most obvious is that both Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland both are fairytales that take place take place in London, England.

    Throughout the story they both go into a magical world with mythical creatures. In Alice in wonderland, she goes into a deep sleep and enters a world that she loves since it’s full of fun and cheer. Similar to Peter Pan, Neverland is that place. A place where children never have to grow up and can be kids and have fun!

  11. Both fall under Fairytales and were introduced in the country of Londo, England. It has many similarities such as the main point going into a magical world with other non-real creatures. The plots run differently but both have more similarities rather than differences.

  12. I believe that they are both fairy tales! I say this because of the many dreamlike and fantasy motifs seen in both stories. In peter pan we have literal fairies and magical landscapes along with special rules such as never growing older. In Alice in Wonderland -the rules of what is possible and sensible change when Alice drifts off into wonderland. They also both try and make sense of the ideas of growing up which can be a difficult concept. One way they are both not fairy tale-like is in their length, both texts are longer than I would expect a fairy tale to be.


  13. I do see Alice and wonderland as well as Peter Pan fairytales since they add so many different imaginational characters and stories that are new to us and we enjoy. I can see why both Alice and peter can be considered as non fairytale stories since they were based on something that can be real, in Alice she ends up waking up, making it all a dream and Peter Pan to, they eventually are reminded that it’s just their imagination.

  14. Peter Pan demonstrates all the characteristics that a fairytale would have. The symbolism and themes are portrayed in a nostalgic light that truly brings about the wide horizon of fun and adventurous telling’s that most fairytales tell wonderfully. The undertones of sexual content and prejudice is seen in the cracks of the telling. This would stray away from the ideal version of what one would call a fairytale but many many fairytales have very mature content being put in the cracks.

  15. I do see both stories as fairytales because both have magic in them and I believe any story that has magic is considered a fairytale

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