12 thoughts on “Presentation 4 Treasure Island (1883) By Robert Louis Stevenson

  1. Hi Joseph,

    I liked that you provided us with a little background about the author and how that relates to the types of adventure novels he writes. I agree that I would also recommend this to children for the most part. Your reading is super engaging and good job!

  2. hi Joseph, you did a great job, thank you for giving me more information about the author and I like the way you explained everything step by step

  3. Hey Joseph! You did a great job presenting this book. You had great detail and explained the novel in an interesting way that caught my attention. Personally I have never read this book so watching this presentation really interested me in the book. Also I have to agree that this book should be considered a classic for children because this title is a well known one. Almost everyone has either seen the movie or read the book at least once in their life.

  4. It’s kind of crazy that a book like this would be perfect for kids because I’m interested in it as well. It may be a book created for multiple ages and it might be interesting enough for parents to read alongside their children

  5. You do a really strong job in connecting via the camera to us as you explain this book and read the excerpt. Thank you for touching on all the relevant points for this assignment in terms of this book, its author, and its place in the canon of literature. I thought you chose a good excerpt, but think you can work to place a bit more emphasis on helping us to really see what was happening around you. Really try to see what is happening in the scene and then we will too. You did a very good job with the language of the piece.

  6. I find it nice that you made awareness to the derogatory terms towards people of color. Since hose are found still in classics, it was interesting to learn of treasures islands placement on that list . Wonderful delivery of the stories elements !

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