5 thoughts on “Presentation#1: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

  1. Hey, Megan I also used to enjoy this book too as a child. I think that we liked it so much because it was always something new happening and we never knew what will happen next. This book went from giving a mouse a cookie to him cleaning the floor, there is a lot of variety of topics that are used which makes it so enjoyable.

  2. I liked your introduction. Give a little bit longer of a moment (a beat, we call this) before you start the reading and after the end. I did enjoy how you added an afterthought – you didn’t even need to say ‘and that was…” rather, just wait a moment and you are already giving us a clear change between the book and you.
    I appreciated how you used the camera in terms of bringing the images closer to us.
    As Mana mentioned, the speed was excellent.
    One thing that you can work on for your next presentations is to think about exaggeration and making everything bigger. You start that in a few places, such as “he’s thirsty!” But keep going – particularly in a book like this where there is a kind of discovery on each page. Try to make your audience really feel like this is the biggest discovery ever! Maybe you don’t even know what is coming next!

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