6 thoughts on “soman Bi- Green eggs and ham

  1. Great job Soman Bi never heard of this book from Dr. Sues it was very interesting this reminds me when kids tell you they don’t like certain food but when they taste it they end up liking it.

  2. Hi Soman!
    I enjoy the book. I remember I used to read that book to my children, specially because all of them were pick eaters. It didn’t work well, but they enjoy the story. Above all the presentation was great , keep up the good job.

  3. You definitely had emotion to it, you sounded as serious as the character who didn’t want the green eggs and ham. I feel like you also had it memorized, you read it so smoothly and quickly. Do you read that story to your younger siblings often?

  4. You brought a lot of energy to this and we can tell that you really enjoy this book.
    You did well with this verse and beginning to play with emphasizing in the text, but be careful not to rush throughout each section. Try to play around with the speed and see what happens to the character in terms of frustration or for the other in terms of trying to tempt. This will help build up the action of the story and anticipation.
    Don’t ever feel like you have to apologize for the setting, not having the book in front of you, making a mistake, etc. Most people won’t remark on or notice anything unless you apologize and bring it to their attention.

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