The Golden Age of Children’s Literature

Alice in Wonderland

In this module we will be looking at the work of Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, first published in 1865, that often is said to mark the beginning of the Golden Age of Children’s Literature. We’ll also be looking at the 1871 sequel, Through the Looking Glass.

It’s likely that you have encountered Alice and her story in some form before. Do you remember where? What do you remember of the story? Have you read Lewis Carroll’s text that originated the character before?

15 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Children’s Literature

  1. I thought I have encountered Alice several years ago. The Alice in the book is a very cute little girl. She is innocent, lively and full of curiosity; she knows right from wrong and is compassionate. In her body, the innocent nature of children is fully reflected, but this innocence is often destroyed. Therefore, a fantasy journey of innocent Alice is precious to us. The story is about one boring afternoon, a rabbit with a pocket watch took this cute little girl on her fantasy journey. The story of Alice is full of all kinds of peculiar fantasies: the body that can become bigger and smaller, the playing cards that make up the kingdom, the mirror world that can be penetrated, the grove that makes people forget their names… it’s all like It is a colorful dream of children, and a fairy tale world that children yearn for. And that kind and lovely girl is one of the jewels. She may not be smart, because she often uses wrong words and makes a lot of jokes, but she has a pure love and is even polite to a goose. While I have never read Lewis Carroll’s text that originated the character before

  2. Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland has entertained not only children but adults for over hundred years.Alice, who falls through a rabbit hole. Alice find herself involved in different situations with various different and weird thing.I didn’t read the book,but i remember seeing the movie in middle school.

  3. I remember reading the Hebrew version of Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll when I was young. Alice, a little girl, was sitting on the creek and suddenly saw a white rabbit dressed in human clothes, complaining that he was late. The surprised Alice followed the rabbit. She fell into a deep hole but landed safely. She found a gold key on a table and saw a tiny door. Alice saw beyond the door a beautiful garden but knew that she could not enter it in her natural dimensions. Alice discovered a bottle that said, “Drink me.” Alice hesitated because she knew it was not worth drinking the whole bottle and checked to see if there was any poison written on it. Alice finally drank it, and then she was able to pass through the door since she became much smaller in her dimensions. Alice faces different challenges, which reflect the journey from childhood to adulthood—teaching her the meaning of acting and thinking for herself. This book is mainly about the child’s view of the adult world, trying to understand the limits of the adult world.

  4. Actually I don’t remembered reading Alice’s story in a book, but I do remember watching the movie. The movie was translated to Spanish and the first time that I saw the I was fascinated. All the dimensions that she have to go gives the point of view from children to adult world, Where every thing is big and rule by adults. I must confess that I love movies for children and this is one of my favorites.

  5. The Alice in wonderland that I’m familiar with is the Disney version and when I was younger I wasn’t really crazy about the way it looked or the story. It confused me and it felt a little weird, I believe I’ve also read the story but it was still the Disney version as well so I’ve never read the original, at some point when I was old enough to understand Alice in wonderland I began wanting to read the original but I’ve just never been able to yet

  6. The version of Alice I have encountered is Disney’s Alice in Wonderland movie. I remember watching it at a young age at home with my sisters. We had the CD, and we would watch it all the time. I remember every detail from her falling into the rabbit hole, to the talking caterpillar. One of my favorite characters was the Cheshire cat and I used to be scared of the queen of hearts. I have not read the Lewis Carroll’s text but I know the movie and both of the live action remakes.

  7. I remember Alice in wonderland the movie that was my first encounter with the fairy tale was fascinated by it the way a child can fantasize about such a beautiful place. We can see in this story that children can possess a great deal of imagination and kindness I can honestly say that I love all these classic tales

  8. I mostly recall Alice in two forms: from the animated Disney movie and from the statue in Central Park. I mostly remember fragments of the movie and not the plot with stuff like the Cheshire cat with its pink and purple stripes lounging in the tree, the queen of hearts playing croquette with a green bird as a club, and the mad hatter’s tea party. I have not read the original text.

  9. I don’t remember reading Alice in wonderland but I have watched a movie. I remember how she gets into weird situations. It shows the different challenges she faces. I really haven’t read the original text yet.

  10. As a child, Ive never read Alice In Wonderland until High School as it was required reading for our senior year. But, I did watch the movies before reading the books. While reading the book, I do remember it being slightly different from the movies and the circumstances Alice faced were weird and quirky.

  11. I don’t think I have read Alice in Wonderland but I have seen the movie and it showed how Alice went through a rabbit hole and went through many weird obstacles in a fantasy world of different creatures. It was a very interesting movie to watch because I didn’t know what to expect. Some day I would like to read the original text, I’m sure it’s way better than the movie.

  12. I remember seeing images of Alice in so many places. Whether it was in school, on books, or ads for movies. I never read the book, but I remember watching parts of the Disney animated movie, Alice in wonderland, when I was really young. I remember Alice’s blue dress and when she went down the rabbit hole, into a magical world, and I remember seeing characters like the striped Cheshire cat and the rabbit etc. Overall, I remember really liking the film.

  13. My first encounter with Alice and her story was through the animation and the book. It was very childlike, the animals talking, drinks or food that made Alice either grow or shrink. Alice and the wonderland was one of my favorite stories so I was aware of Lewis Carroll’s text.

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