Alice All Over

On the last page, you saw some of the various film and dance versions of Alice, and you’ve previously seen some illustrations from other artists.

The Book Alice

Here, ABE BOOKS put together an article about some of the more famous Alice editions.

Musicalizing and Performing Alice

Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 “White Rabbit” is one of the most famous (and reused) songs inspired by Alice. You’ll see here that the song/video reflects the 1960s interpretations of Alice as about drugs.

You already saw a clip of Alice being musicalized on the last page, but it has been done so repeatedly with several On and Off-Broadway productions.

Alice in so many other places

Alice has taken a dark turn in video games.

Alice in Wonderland-themed events are common, as is jewelry, and, of course, teapots.

Modern Alice Retellings

Like the many fairy tales we’ve looked at, Alice has also served as a literary inspiration for many, many variations.

Please read the excerpt from A Blade So Black, by L.L. McKinney – press on “read excerpt” under the book image.


Why do you think artists and crafters have been so inspired by Alice, or a desire to revisit the Alice story?

15 thoughts on “Alice All Over

  1. I think a lot of people are inspired by the magic and mystery and the craziness of the story of Alice,for that reason many people are inspired by creating craft art and music.last year my little niece bought an Alice wonderland mug and she already felt like she had a piece of the story.

  2. I think that because there is so much to unpack in the adventures of Alice in wonderland, there are a lot of different scenarios that people may want to explore. What if Alice was older? What if she was about to fight? What if she wasn’t so alone most of the time and was able to make friends. Then there’s the fact that no one really knows how Alice got to wonderland and if it was real or just a dream. There’s too much to talk about

  3. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is an iconic, famous book that has been transcribed into many languages worldwide. Many artists and crafters have been inspired by this book, mainly because of how it is written, which allows artists to use their imagination freely and recreated scenes from the story in unique ways. This story has various interpretations in which the reader can explore the book without reaching the proper conclusion.

  4. A lot of the fairytales are based on magic because that’s what attracted the kids so this story was also based on magic from what I’ve seen. I haven’t read Alice and the wonderland book but I have seen the movie and I do remember seeing this magic and animation it really grabs attention and interest.

  5. I think that many artists and crafters have been inspired by Alice in Wonderland because magic and mystery are very popular and loved by many children and adults. These artists are hoping to go on this path in hopes of having their work become as popular as Alice in Wonderland. Magic and mystery are very loved amongst children so taking inspiration from this successful book is not a shock.

  6. I believe is because who doesn’t know this fairy tale and depends on what age one is reading it . It can have different meanings like smaller children would be attractive to the notion of following the white rabbit and finding this magical place. while older children would be more into the blue caterpillar and its meaning about changing and how they should be afraid of it since is part of growing up

  7. I think this story has a particular attraction because it is so closely related with childhood imagination and story telling. Alice herself is being told a story. I believe many people can relate to Alice of wanting to escape reality and just get lost in ones thoughts and vivid dreams. It incorporates fantasy and magic into one story which is appealing to many.

  8. Alice was and still is a great piece of art. It has so many different perspectives of how the world is sometimes. The ugly and the beautiful happening simultaneously and even then we can still tell them apart.

  9. I think that artists and crafters have been so inspired by Alice because of the imagination behind it and the different interpretations that are open for this story. Alice is also a very popular story like many fairy tales are. I think that it is one of those stories that is very attention grabbing and memorable for many because of the way that this person (Alice) just fell into a rabbit hole and went into this new, strange but magical world, and this can really spike a lot of interest and imagination for us.

  10. I think that so many have wanted to interpret and add their own spin to the story of Alice because of how open to interpretation the story is. You can project your own narrative onto the characters and personalize it to make it your own very easily. We all did this while writing our own interpretations of the blue caterpillar, and that is just one of many characters.

  11. Since Alice and the wonderland is a very known story, because of the plot, colors, characters, many artist want to pick their own interpretations of what Alice is. Since there was no moral in the story, many artist want to make different endings or take inspiration from the overall story. I really enjoy looking at all the different Alice in wonderland art and new stories.

  12. The variety of visual and mental tricks and dreams that Alice In Wonderland put in the hearts ad souls of viewers and readers. The figurative themes and empowering noticing’s in her story. The easy travel and accepting of different environments an feelings coming from different sources of creativity and energy is something I believe any artist would be compelled to.

  13. I think that artists and crafters can easily change up the story of Alice because Alice is a story where anything can happen. It can easily be changed and interpreted by individuals. Since there is not a moral to the story, many people may want to make changes and put their own little twist in it. This is where the different versions of the story come from.

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