Alice in Wonderland

50th Street New York City subway tile mural of Alice pulling the curtain back with the White Rabbit with pocket watch out
“Alice In Wonderland Subway Tile Art” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Scott Beale

Last week you looked at some imagery of Alice including the first illustrations by John Tenniel. This week we are looking at the original text from Lewis Carroll.

Alice’s story is published in two parts – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at Project Gutenberg – chapters 1-7, 11 and 12

Through the Looking Glass at Project Gutenberg – chapters 1,2, 4, 6, 9-12 (these last three are VERY short.)

What do you think of these texts? How might you describe the writing style? (respond below)

17 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. I think the writing style of the original text is rather easy-reading and suitable for children to read since there are not too many complicated context and complex vocabulary. The selected text is full of dialogues which make the reading process in a more simple way as well as able to enchant young readers. As we all know, when we start reading, dialogues will bring people into the scene directly so as to make the readers feel in that scene in person. In this sense, this book’s reading style is rather successful.

  2. I think those texts are very simple to read anyone could read it,the writing has an old fashioned way.when you read this types of texts out loud make the reader engaged more

  3. I really enjoyed it and hope to finish the entire book, both books. I thought it was very different from the story I’m used to seeing in Disney. There were a lot of things all mixed up, at least if I remember correctly how the movie goes. I thought the writing was rather splendid. It was odd to read about a little girl who talks and thinks like Alice does. The book focuses s lot on Alice’s personality and overall character. It truly revolves around her.

  4. I think these texts are easy to read and for children to understand and be engage in the story. The vocabulary flows very easily and will leave children’s wanting to move on to the next chapter.

  5. I think the writing style for both of these was super clear and easy to read. It was clear when characters spoke and if there was a poem, you can easily see it formatted differently as well. This makes it easy for those reading to tell where dialogues begin and end.

  6. I think that this texts are really easy to read And I would describe the writing style as very straightforward because compared to a lot of the other fairy tales we’ve read in this course, they are in a different style that can be harder for many to understand. However, these texts seem more simplified and easier to follow.

  7. I loved reading these excerpts from Alice’s Adventures and through the looking glass. It was written in such a way that there are deep descriptions given and rich images painted but with words simple enough that most can understand it! The texts have a dream like quality to them, keeping the story moving by transitioning from plot point to plot point in a way that is both easy to follow and entirely non-sensical.

  8. I enjoy the two stories a lot I found the writing style simple for any kind of audience. Children and adults can easily engage in the stories. The dilogies make the story more vivid and fascinating.

  9. These two types of writing are quite simple to read. It uses simple vocabulary just right for the audience (children) to comprehend. It makes the audience engagement in the fairy tale story as non- complex words are being used rather straight forward to its point.

  10. I love the way the characters are writing to speak, the dialogue of his writing presents such enthusiasm and vibrancy to the characters. It was almost like I could hear Alice and picture her speaking very vividly. I find them to be perfect for children, especially those who are need of absolute dreaming and inspiration.

  11. These texts are very simple to read. They were all very straightforward and was very easy to understand which is great for children who can’t read large bodies of text yet. The characters were very easy to read too, nothing to confuse the audience.

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