Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll is the pen name of Charles Dodgson, a mathematician. The first video discusses his relationship with the Liddell family, whose daughter Alice inspired Carroll’s story. The next link is to the photograph referenced in the video. In addition to math and writing, Dodgson was a prolific photographer. Further information on his photography is in the next link. Over the years scholars of Carroll’s work have debated precisely what was the nature of his relationship with Alice Liddell and the other young girls that he was attracted to as photographic models. This fascination has been the basis of several recent theatrical adaptations of Alice.

Alice Liddell as “The Beggar Maid” – 1858, photo by Lewis Carroll, public domain

The above posed photograph by Lewis Carroll is one of the most famous pictures of Alice Liddell for whom Carroll wrote the Alice stories. Photography was still a relatively new art form and Carroll took thousands of photographs from 1856-1880. Most were portraits of people that he knew. Please read the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s information about this photograph.

This article offers more information about his photography as well as numerous other images.

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