6 thoughts on “The New Adventures of Curious George – Tajibi Rakhimova

  1. Hello Tajibi:
    It is a pleasure to meet you.
    Curious George has being part of my family too.
    My children love him, They enjoy the movies, TV shows, books, and all about him. The presentation was awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello Tajibi first and foremost, excellent book choice!! Curious George played a huge part in my childhood as well as my younger sisters. I’ve always loved watching the tv shows, movies and even reading the books with her as a kid. The reason why Curious George is such a good book choice is because it teaches children a lesson. Just like George, children are curious and little trouble makers and the man with the yellow hat is always there to teach George from what’s right from wrong just like teachers and parents are. Overall great job representing this book to us 🙂

  3. I love that you had someone there to listen! Don’t worry if they make noise. You are bringing good energy into this and I appreciate how you are able to both show us the book and yourself well. I’d love to see you play more with thinking about the feelings you want the listener to have – for example, seeing and hearing about all those chocolates, can you make us hungry? Play around with more exaggeration, it may feel silly at times, but bringing in bigger changes of tone to the excitement of the story will take what is a good reading to another level.

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