7 thoughts on “The Phantom Tollbooth(1961)Norton Juster.

  1. this book sounds like it needs a map just to navigate everything that’s happening in it, you could never be bored while reading it from the sound of it. you read the excerpt really nicely, if I could hear milo he would sound like you so it was perfect!

  2. This is a wonderful introduction to this book. I’m glad that you seemed to enjoy this one, it’s one of my personal favorites as well. You highlight the themes really well here and speak with passion and excitement. You’ve also chosen a great excerpt that reflects the point that you are making in what you share.
    One thing to watch is how you end the excerpt – you were so excited to keep talking to us about the book that you sort of let it fall away. Take the time to make it feel like the end of a section and take a breath/beat before moving on to the next part of what you are sharing.
    I hope that kids today and beyond will continue to appreciate this book even though they may no longer know what a tollbooth is in our technologically changing world!

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