Visualizing Alice

Next week we’ll be moving on to read Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland but let’s look for a moment at how Alice has been visualized.

You are probably most familiar with Disney’s Alice, a blond girl in a blue dress with a pinafore (apron).

Disney Animation’s Alice was based on the original illustrations of John Tenniel, a well-known political cartoonist who illustrated the first Alice books.

Lewis Carroll illustrated a handwritten version of Alice’s Adventures Underground in 1864 before it was published with the above drawings. His Alice is somewhat similar.

two page spread of hand written Alice's Adventure's Underground, yellowish coulor. On the left hand is a pen drawing of Alice from the waist up with long dark hair, on the facing is a full image of Alice upside squished into a small frame
Carrol, Lewis, hand-drawn edition of Alice’s Adventures Underground, 1864

But other artists have helped in taking Alice to the visualized character we might not know, or in subtly or even drastically different directions before Disney’s film was made.

What do you make of these different Alices? How does the feeling of the character change depending on the illustrator?